What is Hist?

Himalayan Institute of Science and Technology (HIST) affiliated to Purbarchal University is located at New Baneshwor , Kathmandu Metropolitan City Ward No. 10.

Established in 2002 (2059 BS), HIST Engineering College is oneamong the well established and reputed colleges in Nepal. The HIST has been serving as a center of attraction for the prospective students for the Bachelors and Masters programs. It offers theBachelor's academic program in the morning shift (6:30 am - 12:30pm) and the Master's programs in the evening shift (5:30 pm- 8:30pm). Putting every effort to abide by the norms and guidelines set by the Purbanchal University and Nepal Engineering Council, the HIST Engineering College has been making a steady rise in its overal academic performance.

Why Hist?

There are many reasons why an aspiring student should choose HIST Engineering College for pursuing bachelor degree in engineering. Following are some of the prominent ones.

• Location-aside, HIST Engineering College is situated at a place that is easily accessible.

• HIST has the most affordable fees that the deserving students may find comfortable. The location of the College has a naturally serene atmosphere favorable to study.

• The College has, in the past one year, upgraded its necessary infrastructure enabling better teaching-learning environment and will continue to do so 
• The College has hired highly and will continue in future as well to hire qualified and experienced teaching faculties who will be easily approachable by the students.

• The College takes a shift from the conventional easy-going trend towards strict adherence to the academic calendar and other semester assessment routines that boosts learning.

• The College has sufficient laboratory, workshop and library facilities necessary to carry out experiments and practices that impart skills into students.

• The College organizes course related field visits to project sites and industries.

• The College will arrange participation of students in engineering design related training  and seminars depending on the needs.

• College provides support for the promotion of students exposure to the innovative extra-curricular activities.

• College provides connectivity to the job market and facilitates an environment congenial to the requirements of the job market-Government and private sectors.

Can students be awarded with more than one scholarship?

No. But, the candidate can choose the better one for him/her. 


Is there hostel facility in the college

No, there is not such  facility. But there are several private hostels nearby.

Can I get transferred from other colleges?

Yes, you can if you have the transfer certificate along with all other necessary documents from the college you are being transferred from. Without the necessary documents you cannot get the permission from the university and cannot get admitted to the college.


Can I get extra classes in the college?

Yes, it is possible to get extra classes if requested by a group of students.


Is parents meeting conducted timely?

Yes, it is conducted timely on the requirement basis.