HIST is housed in its own building at an area of about one and half ropanis. Four storied building with a basement serves as a main building. The total build up area of the building is 11475 square feet. Main building housed departments, lecture halls, computer lab, drawing halls and administrative offices. Three-storied building with a basement at the southwest side of the main building has been specially built for library and computer center. Total built up area of the building is 2265 square feet. For further extension of the laboratories, building area of 675 square feet on the south side of the main building is constructed. Realizing the need for an access of information, college has provided optical fiber based broadband internet connectivity. Conducive environment has been created at HIST to further enhance the classroom knowledge by means of engineering projects. Students at HIST spends their free time in productive work, specially, in project room doing either hardware or software projects thus reinforcing their theoretical knowledge by doing some useful practical works.