important for students

Important For Students 

Bachelor programs that offer B.E degrees in civil engineering and electronics and communications engineering are run in the morning sift. These courses are run as per the curricula and syllabus developed and updated from time to time by the Purbanchal University.
It Is advised that the new students pursuing to study at HIST Engineering College. 
should get information about certain criteria. prerequisites  and procedures of the
College that need to be understood and followed.
A. Entry Eligibility
-> The candidate student applying to study must
have passed I. Sc Examination or Diploma in Engineering or 10.2 (Science) from a
recognized University or a Board with minimum of second division
-> the Candidate must pass the entrance examination conducted  by
Purbarshal University.

B. Duration of the Course The total duration of the B.E. course study is four (4) academic years. Each academic year consists of two semesters and each semester will consist of minimum 90 working days.

C. Student's Performance Evaluation System The student's performance in each semester will be evaluated in two phases: First, the internal assessment and, the second, the final semester examination. As per the Purbanchal University Regulations, internal assessment and the final semester examination will carry the weights of 20% and 80% respectively.

Internal evaluation, the first phase, will be done under following considerations:

-> Class Attendance: Attendance or a student must be 80% minimum, or (s)he will be evaluated "NQ", meaning Not Qualified to sit in the forth coming examination.

-> Assignment: Home assignments given by the subject teacher form a part of internal assessment and must be submit-ted on time and in a satisfactory format so that the teacher can evaluate and give marks before deadline.

-> Internal Unit Test: Student must take three internal unit tests that will be given by the subject teacher. These internal tests form a part of the internal assessment process. These tests are aimed and designed to help student better grasp the knowledge and better prepare for the semester examinations. Failing to take the unit tests will make the student liable to get 'NQ'.

-> Lab Experiment Works: Students must perform experiment works in laboratory as per the routine. Lab works and the reports with full engagement are compulsory requirements that must be fulfilled to earn the satisfactory results.

-> Project Works: The final semester students must perform project works as instructed by the subject teacher and report must be submitted on time and in an acceptable format, failing which may result into the delay to award the certificate of the degree. 

The second phase of evaluation is done through the final semester examination.
A student most obtain at least 40% marks in internal assessment in each subject to be eligible to sit in the final semester examination.
A student, who has passed all the subjects in all semesters, is considered to have successfully completed the B.E. Course.

D. Grading System Evaluation of student's performance is ranked on the basis of the marks scored under grade point average basis. There are four passing grades- A, B, C and D; one failing grade F and one grade I for incomplete or absent.
E. Fees Structure A separate sheet of detailed fees structure will be provided Note:

-> The deposit amount is refundable only after the successful completion of the program course

-> Fees already paid is not refundable, at any case

-> In use of credit transfer, the student will require to pay full fee for the credit transfer sought

-> Students will require to pay extra costs for any consumable materials additional to the provisions made in the original fees structure for the project visits, field visits/ studies and survey camps F. Scholarship and Assistantship
Scholarship will be provided to 10 percent of the total enrolled number of students as per the directives of the Purbanchal University. Certain provision of assistantship  will also be allocated for genius students as per the criteria set by the College.